I sat on the edge of my seat all throughout last night’s game as I watched our Vancouver Canucks beat out San Jose to go for a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup in the air.  I think they can do it… The only question is; will it be Tampa Bay or Boston they have to beat to accomplish this feat…. I don’t know ….

Last night was a great opportunity to light up a good cigar while the game was on.. I ended up lighting an H. Upmann No 2 and what a fine idea that was..  This was a cigar from 2008 and with the time it had in the humidor to ferment and age nicely, it was a cigar to remember..  Smooth notes of woods, wonderful toasted tobacco and strong coffee made up the profile that amazed me as the game went from period to period..  A lot of ash ended up on my clothes as I couldn’t tear my attention from the game.. Thats easy to deal with…. No problem…

This being a Cohiba slanted blog doesn’t really mean that I have to devote all of my attention to Cuba’s finest brand all of the time… Cuba’s most elegant export includes the finest cigars in the world and it includes a vast array of cigar brands that differ in strength, blend and aroma but the one thing they all have in common is the stellar level of fine taste.

The H. Upmann brand includes various sizes of vitolas that will leave you amazed and wanting boxes and boxes of more.. I usually visit “The Vancouver Cigar Company’ when I pick up more cigars for my humidors.  This group of people are probably the most informed cigar people in our city.  The fact that they get their cigars directly from “Havana House” means that you’ll be getting the best that Cuba has to offer.

Getting back to hockey…. I believe that this is our year to be the champions.. I feel very confident that we’ll do it and I’m very happy that the San Jose Sharks can now finally relax and work on their golf swings..

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As The Vancouver Canucks march forward toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs ( fingers crossed ) I’ve been biting my nails during the games and wondering when the game will appear when we can lead a game by more than one goal.  Games have been very very close and at no time do I ever feel as if we can sit back and rest during a period because of the tough opposition we’ve run into in these post season games…..

Tonight was a little different……..  We just won game two in the series against San Jose with a score of 7-3….. Well there ya go, thats more like it..  It was a Cohiba Siglo IV night in front of the television and I was able to get a little more than 2 periods out of the Corona Gorda with a 5.6 inch cigar with a 46 ring gauge…. That was quick, maybe too quick, I tend to smoke slower but I think that tonight’s game had me puffing a bit more furiously than usual…..

These are usually a bit milder and creamier than your more traditional Cohibas but whats funny is that I felt that the strength of this cigar was ramped up a bit more than usual.. Ha…. Serves me right!!!!!  The mild bean flavors were definitely there from time to time and I can recall a bit of a creamy taste, which I love in a cigar, but I must have been on a bit of a smoking rampage….

I think that when I watch playoff hockey I would be wiser to light up something in the Jose L. Piedra price range rather than go towards the Cohiba humidor, but when was the last time a Cuban cigar junky made a smart decision…. Hey, maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself here…… ( I do have a problem though, and am not ashamed to admit it )…..

The Sedin line for Vancouver was on fire tonight and looked to be unbeatable….. If anyone from San Jose is reading this tonight, I have to say I’m very sorry for what happened to your team tonight.  Maybe the best thing for us to do is just to win the next 2 games and make it a four game winning streak so your boys can get back out on to the golf course and forget that nights like this ever happened….

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Posted on 16-05-2011
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So there I sit in front of the television last night waiting for the last installment of Survivor to start and I’m thinking that since this is my favorite TV show, I might as well light up one of my favorite cigars.  In my humble opinion, I look at the EL Cohiba Piramides from 2006 as one of the best cigars to come out of Cuba in the last few years and the few that I have left are reserved for big occasions.  Why not Survivor??  I love the show, I love the evil mind twisting games that the participants play against each other and I wonder how this all compares to day to day life in the real world….. Maybe it doesn’t ……. Its only a reality show.. Thats all it is..

I reach for my torch and knowing that this is about a 2 hour cigar, I know that it’ll stay with me for the duration of the drama…..  As the last few years have gone by, I’ve noticed the subtle changes that have taken place in the fermentation process with the Piramides.  In 2008, when I smoked my first, I’m guessing that the oils in the tobacco gave out rich and sweet tobacco flavors that gave this cigar a complex profile loaded with coffees and sweet chocolates but in the last year or so, whenever I’ve lit one of these great cigars, I’m getting more woods and dusty dark chocolate flavors that show me what happens to a beautiful cigar after years in a humidor.

I firmly believe that the sweetness of a cigar tends to gradually fade as it ages.  Some of you may argue with me on this point but the flavors of a cigar are so subjective and I wonder if we all taste the same things.  No matter….. The nicotine tends to fade in tobacco as years go by.. Try smoking a very young cigar and if it has a mighty ring gauge and a fair bit of length, there’ll be a good chance that you’ll occasionally feel dizzy and even break out in a sweat if you smoke it quickly.. Last night’s cigar was woody and smooth, thats all I can say.. I enjoyed it immensely and found myself to be very fortunate to be experiencing such a work of art as I watched one of the biggest jerks get handed a million dollars.

I’m sorry, but the guy is arrogant, smug, cruel and reminds me of some sort of cheap hood that I remember seeing in the movies when I was a kid.  You know the guy, the guy that belongs to some gangster organization, the guy that slaps women around and the type of guy that would probably get a lot of drinks thrown in his face in bars…. I really hope we don’t have to see him again….. Him and Omarosa.. Two peas in a pod!

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I’ve been a big fan of many kinds of music through the years but as I get older I keep going back to the jazz albums I used to listen to in the early 70′s…. I was a big fan of Miles, early Coltrane and then Weather Report as time went on.  I wasn’t yet a cigar smoker back in the 70′s, something I regret today, but I can remember hearing albums that were beautiful and timeless.

One of my favorite composers was always Antonio Carlos Jobim and one tragic thing is that most people usually remember him for composing ” The Girl From Ipanema” , a great structured song, but certainly not the only masterpiece he composed.  He is regarded as one of Brazil’s greatest treasures and the more you listen to his music the more you’ll understand why that country considers him to be so valuable to their culture.

I was on youtube tonight and didn’t plan on having a cigar until I found this song… It is “Wave” by Jobim but NOT recorded by the master… Instead, this is a recording from 1973 by Oscar Peterson with strings arranged by Claus Ogerman.  The album is called “Motions and Emotions”… As soon as I heard this track I was stopped dead in my tracks as I listened to the song…. I played it again and then went over to the humidor and chose an Esplendidos, went back to the computer and lit up and played the song again…. Oscar’s piano solo at the end of this song is stellar and the strings are divine.

The cigar tasted better with a song like this in the background.  This made me sort of sad about the condition of jazz bars these days with no smoking policies  because when listening to something this beautiful in a live music environment, there is nothing better than a great cigar and a glass of Scotch on a table in front of you.. These days all you smell in a jazz bar is chicken wings…. Good grief!!!! Something is wrong with us…. Cuba is still where its at!!!! Period

So anyway, sit back, light up your most prized Cohiba and listen to THIS !!

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