Posted on 16-05-2011
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So there I sit in front of the television last night waiting for the last installment of Survivor to start and I’m thinking that since this is my favorite TV show, I might as well light up one of my favorite cigars.  In my humble opinion, I look at the EL Cohiba Piramides from 2006 as one of the best cigars to come out of Cuba in the last few years and the few that I have left are reserved for big occasions.  Why not Survivor??  I love the show, I love the evil mind twisting games that the participants play against each other and I wonder how this all compares to day to day life in the real world….. Maybe it doesn’t ……. Its only a reality show.. Thats all it is..

I reach for my torch and knowing that this is about a 2 hour cigar, I know that it’ll stay with me for the duration of the drama…..  As the last few years have gone by, I’ve noticed the subtle changes that have taken place in the fermentation process with the Piramides.  In 2008, when I smoked my first, I’m guessing that the oils in the tobacco gave out rich and sweet tobacco flavors that gave this cigar a complex profile loaded with coffees and sweet chocolates but in the last year or so, whenever I’ve lit one of these great cigars, I’m getting more woods and dusty dark chocolate flavors that show me what happens to a beautiful cigar after years in a humidor.

I firmly believe that the sweetness of a cigar tends to gradually fade as it ages.  Some of you may argue with me on this point but the flavors of a cigar are so subjective and I wonder if we all taste the same things.  No matter….. The nicotine tends to fade in tobacco as years go by.. Try smoking a very young cigar and if it has a mighty ring gauge and a fair bit of length, there’ll be a good chance that you’ll occasionally feel dizzy and even break out in a sweat if you smoke it quickly.. Last night’s cigar was woody and smooth, thats all I can say.. I enjoyed it immensely and found myself to be very fortunate to be experiencing such a work of art as I watched one of the biggest jerks get handed a million dollars.

I’m sorry, but the guy is arrogant, smug, cruel and reminds me of some sort of cheap hood that I remember seeing in the movies when I was a kid.  You know the guy, the guy that belongs to some gangster organization, the guy that slaps women around and the type of guy that would probably get a lot of drinks thrown in his face in bars…. I really hope we don’t have to see him again….. Him and Omarosa.. Two peas in a pod!

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