Ever notice what people leave around tee boxes, fairways and greens more than anything else?? Well from my experience, I’ve seen Cohiba cigar butts more than any other brand.. Funny isn’t it! But its true!!  Now and then I run into a cigar butt of a golf course that has a different band on it but I think that its not as frequent as that very recognizable gold, black and white band!!  I also believe that maybe we’re looking at a Canadian syndrome as well since you may not see as many littering a US course but I could be wrong.. I think its also something that changes from course to course.

Food is something that never seems to last long on the fairways on a golf course, in Vancouver we have crows.. very .. very..very smart crows that know the inner workings of a golf cart and can recognize what is edible and what isn’t although I have seen a crow fly away with my buddy derek’s cigarettes and lighter… They’ll take anything !!!  Next spring I’m going to talk to my accountant and ask him if I can claim a few of these crows as dependents.. Really !!!

I still haven’t been able to get my hands on this year’s Cuban contribution to the cigar smoking world, the Cohiba 1966… I can only go by what I’ve read so far and from what I’ve seen I think that we’ll have a winner here… The Siglo line from Cohiba attracted a whole army of new cigar enthusiasts and I’m wondering if the 1966 will do the same… I’ll give you more of a detailed report after I get to light one up!

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Posted on 12-07-2011

The Cohiba Behike line that came out last year with it’s Medio Tiempo leaf caused more fuss and excitement with cigar smokers world wide than any other release of any other cigar…  There have been Limited Edition cigars that have done very well as far as sales go and some of them have become incredible collector’s items but the Bekike, especially since Cigar Aficionado gave the Behike 52 the top score last year, has been the most desired cigar yet.

The taste of the Behikes blew me away, and I have to agree, that the 52 had a special charm about it but what came as a bit of a surprise was the incredible packaging that accompanied these cigars from Havana… First of all, the bands around the Behikes have a very complex and hard to duplicate set of holograms that give these cigars a feeling that there is something a bit more high tech going on in the design compared to the gold, white and black that we’ve seen from Cohiba bands in the past…. Sadly there are already those in Cuba that are trying to copy this band and pass off terrible cigars to tourists who believe they are getting an incredible deal on hard to find and slightly pricy cigars but only a small amount of inspection would reveal that these counterfeit bands are falling short with poor hologram attempts.  I could rant on for hours about the counterfeit industry in Cuba but I’ll save that for another day.

The price of these great Cohiba cigars is more than we’ve seen for a regular production cigar so the boxes, instead of 25, are down to 10.  Something tells me that packaging boxes of 25 Behikes may deter some cigar smokers from picking one up because of more than double an already dear cost… The Behike cigar boxes are remarkable in appearance with a shiny, smooth black lacquer that has a mirror like finish, white squares like the more traditional Cohiba band and instead of a flip clasp we now have a magnet set into the wood that gives the lid of these boxes a tight and secure seal.

The bottom of the Behike boxes are covered in a black velvet which has a smooth soft feel.  Stamped on the bottom are still the Habanos s.a., Hecho En Cuba and Totalmente a mano marks bit NOT a factory and Date stamp.  Counterfeit boxes of fake Behikes are now being seen in Cuba without the velvet bottom, plain cedar instead, so that one is a no brainer !! Beware ……The box comes in a beautiful black velvet form fitted bag to keep the lacquer smooth and unscratched, this one is a nice touch.

The introduction of the Cohiba Behike is probably the most exciting offer from Cohiba and the only thing unknown at this point is how they’ll taste after 5 years in a humidor…. We’ll have to wait for that !!

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Posted on 05-07-2011
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My friends and I hit the links yesterday once again and the first thing to hit us was the temperature in the Vancouver area.  We had the longest spring, it seems, and each time we golfed we brought cigars and each time we lit those cigars it felt as if we were wasting our money as we watched the most uneven burns in the windiest coldest conditions on every course we hit.

Very frustrating to try to enjoy a cigar like that but yesterday was as different as we could have imagined..  Temperatures approaching the 80′s, low to no wind conditions so the beginning of the back nine saw us clipping cigars and anticipating a good time since we were all golfing pretty fairly, balls were finally traveling further because of the temperatures and we actually saw balls bounce on the fairways… That may strike you as being a bit of a funny statement but you have to understand that we live in an area where it rains daily in the winter and as soon as a golf ball gets hit into the air of any height, you know that its going to come down onto a very soft fairway and the ball will disappear into the ground.

All of that was NOT happening yesterday and it felt like we were golfing in a different country.. Wow, shorts and a short sleeved golf shirt!!!  Very different from all of the heavy clothing we usually wear…… Never mind the wardrobe, lets get to the Siglo V…

I’ve picked up Siglo V’s lately from “The Vancouver Cigar Company” since my trip to the “Falls” and smoking one with my friend Derek during that trip.  The Siglo series from Cohiba is considerably more mellow than Cohibas usually are.  There isn’t any bitterness and burn to your sinuses when smoking these although the Siglo I can be a bit of a firecracker if smoked quickly.. The Siglo V started out being very herbal with a toasted tobacco finish well into the first third and burned very evenly as we sipped on coffee and hit golf balls.

My final third with the “V” finally gained strength and revealed strong coffee notes before I set it down and I noticed that it lasted almost 9 holes with me smoking it very slowly…. Great day, great cigar. great friends!

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