Posted on 02-08-2011
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From all that I’ve read concerning the Cuban Cohiba 1966, I’ve gathered that it was THE cigar that impressed many people at this year’s Habanos festival in Havana this past February.  I was very excited to hear that Cohiba, my all time favorite Cuban, had a new cigar for cigar smokers world wide but Canadians are STILL waiting to get their hands on one.

I was told that it sometimes takes time for the new releases out of Cuba to make it to far flung shores but patience isn’t one of my finer virtues.  We haven’t seen any new cigars from this year’s festival and with all of the reading and research I do on a daily basis, I believe that I make myself crazy as I anticipate all of the new flavor profiles available.  Why wouldn’t we smokers feel these feelings when almost all of the brands from Cuba have such great taste and the experience of holding those great gems in our hands gives us such pleasure.

The Siglo series from Cohiba has given Cohiba smokers new choices when buying and smoking cigars for some years now.  The Siglo I, IV, V and VI are favorites of mine and never let me down whenever I want a great smoke… but…. Give me a Cohiba Robusto, Esplendidos and the fun REALLY begins.. Hard core cigar smokers have been smoking the original line ever since they were introduced but Pleeeeease, bring on the 1966 !!!

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