Posted on 24-08-2011
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For some reason we are actually having a late summer in Vancouver and every morning I wake up and see sunshine.. Very strange year we’re having and for the longest time we thought that summer wouldn’t come at all because of constant cold winds blowing over us day after day from January to June.. It was awful as we golfed a lot this spring but the amount of clothing required meant that your swing was hampered with feelings of being bound up.

Today will be different.. Low wind speed, warm temperatures and I’m thinking that a trip to one of our local tracks called 18 pastures just may be the ticket.. I was gifted a few Cohiba Lanceros this spring and after 4 or 5 months in the humidor, these beauties will be ready to smoke.  I have to say that the cigar I’m going to take along today will probably make up for the trouble I’m heading towards with a golf course that is as difficult as it is..

When trying to give this course a slope rating, a whole new way of rating slope had to be adjusted because this one is right off the charts.  You need to pay close attention to every club in your bag and a course like this with target golf requirements puts a lot of pressure on your irons like no other.  Leave the driver in the bag for many shots off the tee, go for the 5 or 6 iron and you’ll be a lot better off..

I’ll be meeting up with some good friends for today’s round.  These are golfers that don’t really take the scorecard very seriously when playing such a tough course.. Its all about the hang and all about a great cigar to help the time go by as you’re digging around in the forest for your lost balls..

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