Posted on 22-01-2012
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The Cohiba Robustos, pictured above, was not my first experience with this stately Cuban brand, in fact my first experience with a cigar sporting a Cohiba label wasn’t a Cohiba at all… Not even close..

This is how my love for Cuban cigars began…. With a lousy counterfeit !


OK, so I hated every inch of the fake Cohiba Esplendidos that came in the acrylic top box of 25.  I hated them to the point that I didn’t want to see or smoke anything with the gold and yellow band for a number of years, so I moved on to get to know every other brand out of Cuba and really developed a passion for Partagas, RyJ, Hoyo de Monterrey, H. Upmann and well, I guess every other brand that I could get my hands on.  I really got to understand how a cigar evolves as you smoke it and started tasting some of the most beautiful flavors I could imagine in a Cuban cigar then something wonderful happened.


Trevor, from “The Vancouver Cigar Company” gave me a Cohiba Robustos and told me to try it out with an open mind, which is what I did one Sunday morning.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful that cigar was and felt really foolish about my opinion of Cohiba until that point in time.  The Robustos was about a year old and revealed all of my favorite flavors in one cigar.  I could taste dried fruit, white pepper, leather, cedar and strong coffee notes and NONE of the harsh bitter tobacco flavor I initially had in my experience with the counterfeits I thought were the “real thing”..


Needless to say, I now KNOW how an authentic Cohiba should taste and have no problem shelling out the money it takes to smoke the real thing.  The one thing that I AM grateful for is the time I took in getting to know all of the other Cuban brands, there are some beautiful cigars out there and I love 99% of them, even some of the machine made cigars have their moment in the sun but Cohiba stands out as being the pinnacle of quality.



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