From time to time I read different cigar blogs and feel that there is a wealth of information for people who are interested in learning all there is to know about the passion we share concerning Cuban cigars.  As a young man I felt that there was an element of mystery surrounding Cuban cigars and I knew that there must have been something more to cigars than the wonderful aroma in the air whenever I would walk by a cigar smoker.  I never knew about a cigar’s complex flavour profile, the fact that a cigar’s burn was described in thirds or the older they were, the smoother they became.


After going to Cuba, my passion for Cuban cigars grew to the point where I now spend thousands annually on Cubans and I see no reason to curtail my spending because of the excitement I get whenever I toast the foot and light one up.  Hey, ya only live once !


In cigar blogs, the question is sometimes raised as to what people think is the perfect Cuban cigar to introduce to a Non-Cuban smoker and I believe that if you want to taste a cigar that embodies all that is perfect with Cuban tobacco, you really don’t have to go further than the Cohiba Esplendidos.  Cohiba gets first pick of all of the tobacco in Cuba and their cigars are, on an annual basis, as good as it gets.


The factory name for this cigar is the Julieta No. 2 and is a 47 ring gauge and 6.9 inches long.  This is enough of a cigar to give you close to 2 hours of smoking time for the slow smoker, the complexity of the cigar’s flavour profile will simply dazzle you with flavours from black pepper to creamy chocolate and coffee.  When this elegant cigar has had a few years in your humidor, your patience will be rewarded with, in my opinion, the perfect Cuban export.  It just doesn’t get any better than this !!

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