The Cohiba Cuban Cigar Blog – Warning

This is my Cohiba Cigar Blog.  I must say that this is just my personal opinion of this fabulous stogie.   According to the Surgeon General, many other smart people including my Mom cigars are bad for you; at least compared to organic carrot juice served in a non-carcinogenic unbleached paper cup.

There are all kinds of health risks associated with smoking cigars.  Just this summer on a patio I had my ass kicked by two girls from a local art school for lighting up.  I might add that it was not a Cohiba so possibly it wasn’t cigars it may have been the brand? (Guantanamera anyone?)

Anyway if you’re into health and stuff maybe you should be reading this site instead: .  If you love cigars, scotch, Cuba and good times check out the rest of the entries.