It takes a very brave, tough and a little bit extravagant individual to prop themselves up on a lawn chair in the back yard these days as the flurries blow by and the beer in the glass slightly ices over.. I’ve never been one to enjoy quality Cuban cigars in the cold but I really feel that I can’t let a day go by without lighting one up and taking my chances on how the elements will treat me.  This is why I wish to direct my attention towards the Cohiba Pantelas.  Not a lot of money, not a lot of time required to finish but more flavor than you’d expect from a cigar with a 26 ring gauge.. In fact…. Way more flavor than you’d expect!

I’ve smoked other Cuban brands in this size and some are better than others but the Cohiba reigns supreme when it comes to taste.  When you are cold, speed is of the essence and my feelings are that I want the best flavor for the money.  Gone are the days when I will light up a Cohiba Siglo VI in a blizzard…. In fact, I seem to remember that I’ve done that once before and ended up in a terrible mood that ended up in violence towards an inanimate object.. Life is too short for experiences like that.

Another thing is that these little Cohibas make great stocking stuffers… Affordable and tasty….. Try it, you’ll make a great impression.

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Posted on 04-11-2008
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So buddy came over last night and brought me a Cohiba Panetela. I think this gesture was great, but considering that he bought it from a random dude in Seattle (Where he resides too), I was naturally a little sceptical. Now everything on this Cohiba Panatela looked great – The size was right at about 115 cm, the ring gauge was at 26 but one thing I didn’t like was the tobacco filler was a little too dark.

However, me and my buddy were just drinking our faces off that day so I decided to give this “Cohiba Panetala” a go. If I didn’t have some real Cohiba Panetals before, I would have never known that this was nothing but a fake. It tasted like some dude shredded tobacco in his house and stuffed the cigar with it. Yes! I said shredded tobacco, not even an actual tobacco leaf. Usually these scam artists are pretty smart but not in this case. Well since I was super drunk by that time, I actually smoked it lol

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The Vancouver Cigar Company has produced a straight forward (and more importantly free) e-book called Cohiba 101 (Cohiba 101 Download).  I downloaded it tonight and gave it a bit of a look over and was surprised about two things: #1) It was relatively pitch free (just good information) #2) I learned a couple of things about the Cohiba.  Also it seems that they actually used some of my reviews that I sent them (Bonus!).

This 101 e-book thing would have been great when I first started smoking cigars.

Cohiba Cigar Blog Entry By Shane

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