As angelic as the cherub in the picture may seem, the real heavenly experience starts when you light the also displayed Cohiba Siglo I.  I’m not sure there is another Cuban cigar in that small size ( 40 ring gauge and 4 inches long- “Perla” factory name ) that can compete in flavour and construction.  Speak to anyone who is a Cuban cigar lover and they’ll tell you that Cohiba, who gets first pick of all cigar tobacco in Cuba, has raised the bar with this small cigar and leaves all others in the dust when it comes to taste.


Although you won’t be getting much more than 4o minutes of relaxed smoking time with the Siglo I, what you will be experiencing is a beautiful spicy bomb with an herbal beginning and slight notes of cocoa and pepper.  When young these can be a bit sharp,which is an attractive proposition for veteran smokers with a passion for strength, but when aged these beautiful little cigars obtain a creaminess that is very pronounced.


I’ll never forget my first Siglo I.  We were in Havana, Cuba and I visited the second story cigar shop in the Hostel Conde Villanueva.  Sidestep the peacock on the ground floor and make your way up the stairs and you’ll be greeted by the most beautiful aroma as you walk into the shop which sells authentic handmade Cuban cigars.  The walk in humidor is stocked with some nicely aged Cubans and the staff was somewhat friendly and helpful.  Hey, thats Cuba for you.


I didn’t have a lot of time so I sat in their bar to the left of the front door, ordered a rum, clipped the cap and had the best 40 minutes of our Cuban holiday.  Did I smoke cigars in Cuba that I enjoyed more?  Probably, but my point is that I was met with more complexity than I had expected for a 40 ring gauge cigar and it went so well with the dark rum.


The construction was perfect, the ash was white as snow and even to this day I get taken back to a great holiday whenever I light this cigar.


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Ever wonder if a Cohiba tastes better in Cuba??? Would the moist tropical air affect the taste and give you more than if you were smoking the same cigar, let’s say, in Montana?? Probably !!! But if thats the case then it would probably taste the same in Miami since its only a handful of miles away.  I love Miami with it’s beaches, sun and stone crab.. I could go on for a while about stone crab but this is a cigar blog!

While smoking cigars with a few buddies a few days back, the topic of how cigars taste in Cuba came up and all who had been there seem to agree that cigars have an incredible taste in the country of their origin.  I guess to some degree I have to go along with that because I remember smoking cigars from the Siglo series, the Maduro series and Non-Cohiba Cuban cigars.  To be honest, they were all great but I was drinking a lot of rum from breakfast onward so everything was great.

I DO remember that cigars tended to burn a bit slower in Cuba, not much, but definitely noticeable.  The air is heavy and moist, warm and to die for.  Holidays tend to do that to you, your senses are heightened and everything is beautiful.  Maybe not having a care in the world and no cel phone has a lot to do with it! My cel stayed in the hotel room safe and got turned back on when we landed in Canada.

Lately I’ve been hearing a bit about Monsdales… Can anyone shed a bit of light on those cigars??

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I’ve smoked a lot of Siglo I’s, IV’s and a handful of the Siglo VI’s but for some reason, through the years’ the Siglo V is a cigar that I’ve spent only a little time with.  Don’t ask me why, its just worked out that way.  A shame, if you ask me, it may be one of the best in the Siglo line, very grassy, herbal and of extreme quality.

At least thats what hit me last night as I smoked one on the deck after dinner.  Last night was a bit of a cool night in Vancouver, so the gas heater had to be lit and all improved, as far as comfort goes.. Cooler nights are on their way and I was trying to get a bit more acclimatized to what is in our future, for the next few months.  We don’t have extreme winters so we are a lot better off than the rest of Canada.  Friends of mine occasionally visit throughout the winter, we golf, we try to catch a steelhead, but most of all we enjoy great cigars under the warm natural gas glow of the deck heater.

Getting back to the Siglo V, I found that last night’s cigar had everything I want in a cigar.  This being 2011 meant that the ’09 Cohiba had 2 years of age and the draw, the even burn and the flavors were absolutely perfect.  I paired this beauty with my favorite beverage, Oban, a fine fine single malt.  I get a kick out of the burst of caramel that happens on your taste buds after a sip of this Scotch and enjoyed 3 of them with the hour and a half that the cigar burned.

I’m one of these guys that loves to go to my humidor and check on my cigars after an experience like this, I make sure that the humidity is right, make sure that all cigars are lined up with the bands facing up and making sure that there are no non-cubans right next to Cubans.. Things get a bit obsessive after a Scotch or two and seeing that I only have a few Siglo V’s left made me wonder why I don’t own more…. First thing on tomorrow’s to do list will be a bit of a cigar shopping trip.

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Taking the fly rod, food for the day, warm clothing and your best Cohiba, whether it be a Robusto, Esplendidos or one from the Cohiba Maduro series, down to the river may or may not be the best idea.. OK, not like its a bad idea to have a beautiful cigar when fishing, but there are conditions that are better suited for smoking one of Cuba’s finest creations..  My feelings are that the ride in the car on the way to the river would be better for having the ability to taste every nuance that the cigar’s profile has to offer.

Wind, rain, sleet and hail are just a few of the conditions I’ve run into when fishing in British Columbia on any given day and I think that cigarettes would probably be the lesser waste of money during that kind of day.  I’ve had the good fortune to smoke a few Cohiba Behikes these last few months and, believe me, they ARE as good as people have been saying in their reviews and blogs.  Any cigar that starts out with a 52 ring gauge and has brothers that are 54 and 56 will only let you know that there is a lot of tobacco blended in this size of cigar, so why would you fight to keep a cigar dry in a torrential downpour when fighting a 16 pound salmon on a fly rod?  Save it for a quiet moment by the fire at the end of the day.

A round of golf with a cigar in the cart is probably the most popular place to enjoy a stogie these days but there ARE some courses that do NOT allow smoking…. Just avoid these courses !  Golf elsewhere and enjoy the freedom that you have …. For now……

A garage, den, rumpus room or a computer room can be a place where you have the freedom to do what you want, as long as you aren’t endangering the health of anyone else.. Scared of smelling up one of the rooms in your house??  Know what a paintbrush is?  Real men know how to paint and clean up any kind of issue a cigar has caused before you sell the house !

I simply believe that a controlled environment free of wind and cold should be your main quest before applying a flame to the head of some of the finest cigars in the world,

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Ever notice what people leave around tee boxes, fairways and greens more than anything else?? Well from my experience, I’ve seen Cohiba cigar butts more than any other brand.. Funny isn’t it! But its true!!  Now and then I run into a cigar butt of a golf course that has a different band on it but I think that its not as frequent as that very recognizable gold, black and white band!!  I also believe that maybe we’re looking at a Canadian syndrome as well since you may not see as many littering a US course but I could be wrong.. I think its also something that changes from course to course.

Food is something that never seems to last long on the fairways on a golf course, in Vancouver we have crows.. very .. very..very smart crows that know the inner workings of a golf cart and can recognize what is edible and what isn’t although I have seen a crow fly away with my buddy derek’s cigarettes and lighter… They’ll take anything !!!  Next spring I’m going to talk to my accountant and ask him if I can claim a few of these crows as dependents.. Really !!!

I still haven’t been able to get my hands on this year’s Cuban contribution to the cigar smoking world, the Cohiba 1966… I can only go by what I’ve read so far and from what I’ve seen I think that we’ll have a winner here… The Siglo line from Cohiba attracted a whole army of new cigar enthusiasts and I’m wondering if the 1966 will do the same… I’ll give you more of a detailed report after I get to light one up!

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My friends and I hit the links yesterday once again and the first thing to hit us was the temperature in the Vancouver area.  We had the longest spring, it seems, and each time we golfed we brought cigars and each time we lit those cigars it felt as if we were wasting our money as we watched the most uneven burns in the windiest coldest conditions on every course we hit.

Very frustrating to try to enjoy a cigar like that but yesterday was as different as we could have imagined..  Temperatures approaching the 80′s, low to no wind conditions so the beginning of the back nine saw us clipping cigars and anticipating a good time since we were all golfing pretty fairly, balls were finally traveling further because of the temperatures and we actually saw balls bounce on the fairways… That may strike you as being a bit of a funny statement but you have to understand that we live in an area where it rains daily in the winter and as soon as a golf ball gets hit into the air of any height, you know that its going to come down onto a very soft fairway and the ball will disappear into the ground.

All of that was NOT happening yesterday and it felt like we were golfing in a different country.. Wow, shorts and a short sleeved golf shirt!!!  Very different from all of the heavy clothing we usually wear…… Never mind the wardrobe, lets get to the Siglo V…

I’ve picked up Siglo V’s lately from “The Vancouver Cigar Company” since my trip to the “Falls” and smoking one with my friend Derek during that trip.  The Siglo series from Cohiba is considerably more mellow than Cohibas usually are.  There isn’t any bitterness and burn to your sinuses when smoking these although the Siglo I can be a bit of a firecracker if smoked quickly.. The Siglo V started out being very herbal with a toasted tobacco finish well into the first third and burned very evenly as we sipped on coffee and hit golf balls.

My final third with the “V” finally gained strength and revealed strong coffee notes before I set it down and I noticed that it lasted almost 9 holes with me smoking it very slowly…. Great day, great cigar. great friends!

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Father’s day is an occasion where many sons and fathers get together and either knock a golf ball around, catch a fish or two, share advice and light up a great cigar after dinner.  This time of year is usually busy at cigar shops where sons purchase their father’s favorites and Cohiba is a brand that sells very well.  This time of year is perfect for sitting out on the deck with a cigar in one hand and a glass of something potent in the other because of the warmer weather that has finally arrived.  The winter months are a royal pain for many cigar enthusiasts, with the winter and icy winds that blow a chill deep into your bones and insure that your cigars burn unevenly.  Many space heaters take the terrible chill out of countless garages and work shops during the winter months, a guy has to do all that he can to get the most enjoyment out of a premium cigar.

My father is NOT a cigar smoker, NOT a cigarette smoker and the glare I get from him whenever I light one up in his presence is something that I’ll always remember but I do it anyway.  Funny how we tend to sacrifice almost anything, including a parent’s approval, to enjoy a wonderful cigar with family.  I have a sister who is a cigarette smoker and we’ve shared a lifetime of laughs and memories around a community ashtray.  I’ll never trade those moments for the world.  When I was younger I used to compare smokers and non-smokers and wonder what made people tick and why some smoked and some didn’t .. For a great number of years I told myself that I preferred the company of smokers to almost anyone else but as I get older I’ve relaxed my harsh judgements and see people for what they harbor within.

I can’t see any cigar on a day like this to be better than a Cohiba for it’s classic taste and full body.  The original Cohibas before the Siglo series with their grassy profile are a favorite of mine but in recent years I’ve learned to enjoy the Siglos and can see that for every occasion there is a need for different flavors and strengths.  The world is made up of millions of different personalities and needs and adapting to the moment is what I’ve been striving for lately.  I guess we’re all looking for a balance.

Happy Father’s Day !

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Cigar Aficionado’s latest piece on counterfeit Behikes was informative and heartbreaking at the same time.. Its great to know that we can access sites like theirs and learn so much about cigars, wine, scotch and well.. almost anything in life that is decadent and worthwhile.. I read their on-line magazine daily and believe that anyone who has ever put a match to the end of a cigar, whether it is Cuban or Non-Cuban, should take the time to learn from a site like theirs..

I’ve had the pleasure of smoking the amazing Cohiba Behikes and can agree with many of you out there that Cohiba has raised the bar and given us a new line of 3 sizes of cigars that will tantalize many a palate for years to come… The introduction of the Medio Tiempo leaf has added a subtle new dimension to these pricy little babies.. But….. Its always heartbreaking to know that the dark side of the underground cigar industry in Cuba is now counterfeiting Behikes as well and…. are we surprised??

I’m sad that many gullible cigar smokers going to Cuba for the first time will run into serpents of every description telling tales and taking hard earned money for the same old banana leaf and floor sweepings that we know all too well.. If you’ve been smoking cigars for as many years as I have, I’m sure you’ve tasted these mild nondescript counterfeits with the black, gold and yellow band… The individuals selling them on the streets of Havana need to feed their families and I don’t hold this against them but the next time I get the great fortune to walk those beautiful streets, I’ll visit the government stores and shell out my cash for the real thing…. Compared to the prices in Canada you can’t go wrong!!

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As I’ve written not too many posts ago, the Falls in Chiliwack is one of our favorite golf courses in the Lower Mainland and the last few days saw 12 of us golfing buddies having the time of our lives with golf, LOTS of alcohol and great Cuban cigars.  This course has some beautiful houses you can stay at on the first tee box and we tied up 3 of these homes for our annual golf tournament.. Let the fun and games begin..

Our great buddy Derek Wong came with coolers of food for one of the best meals we’ve ever had after a twilight round on the first day.  Some guys go beyond anyone’s expectations when it comes to a good time and Derek helped to organize the meals and the tournament’s trophy, KP and Long Drive competition markers..

The first night was a booze-fest with many jokes, much yelling and loud cavorting into the night but one of my favorite moments in the day’s activities was the cigars that followed our great meal….  Cubans were brought out on to the deck and with drinks in hand we started tasting and comparing some wonderful cigars.. Those who took part in this activity all had to come to the same conclusion that when comparing cigars which were some Partagas, El Rey Del Mundo and Cohiba, it was a Cohiba Siglo V tubos that won the hearts of every smoker there… Now this is a tough competition especially when you consider that my Partagas Lusitanias which had been aging for a few years was in the mix.

I was totally impressed with the Siglo V with it’s medium strength that revealed a beautiful Cohiba grassiness and smooth delivery that won hands down.. Derek, who was gifted this cigar earlier in the year, hadn’t tasted one before and was saving it for this golf excursion.. Needless to say, this cigar will be on his wish list whenever anyone of our friends goes to Cuba again..

I think that I’ll have a hard time thinking about any other cigar for the next few days… I was really blown away!

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As The Vancouver Canucks march forward toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs ( fingers crossed ) I’ve been biting my nails during the games and wondering when the game will appear when we can lead a game by more than one goal.  Games have been very very close and at no time do I ever feel as if we can sit back and rest during a period because of the tough opposition we’ve run into in these post season games…..

Tonight was a little different……..  We just won game two in the series against San Jose with a score of 7-3….. Well there ya go, thats more like it..  It was a Cohiba Siglo IV night in front of the television and I was able to get a little more than 2 periods out of the Corona Gorda with a 5.6 inch cigar with a 46 ring gauge…. That was quick, maybe too quick, I tend to smoke slower but I think that tonight’s game had me puffing a bit more furiously than usual…..

These are usually a bit milder and creamier than your more traditional Cohibas but whats funny is that I felt that the strength of this cigar was ramped up a bit more than usual.. Ha…. Serves me right!!!!!  The mild bean flavors were definitely there from time to time and I can recall a bit of a creamy taste, which I love in a cigar, but I must have been on a bit of a smoking rampage….

I think that when I watch playoff hockey I would be wiser to light up something in the Jose L. Piedra price range rather than go towards the Cohiba humidor, but when was the last time a Cuban cigar junky made a smart decision…. Hey, maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself here…… ( I do have a problem though, and am not ashamed to admit it )…..

The Sedin line for Vancouver was on fire tonight and looked to be unbeatable….. If anyone from San Jose is reading this tonight, I have to say I’m very sorry for what happened to your team tonight.  Maybe the best thing for us to do is just to win the next 2 games and make it a four game winning streak so your boys can get back out on to the golf course and forget that nights like this ever happened….

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