Perhaps the significance of 10 years can be, as a safe start, referenced from the bible.

As in:

10 Brothers….. (Genesis)

10 Virgins………(Matthew)

10 Lepers……..(Luke.. Here’s where we cigar smokers step into the picture)   I firmly believe that instead of social outcasts we are proud members of a fraternity of thinkers, observers of the subtle nuance and those willing to to make the time to create memories that will be taken along to that moment when you reflect, for the very last time upon your accomplishments.  Center stage will be the scenes we recollect where hand rolled works of art were set ablaze,  when numerous flavors of organic variance emerged not unlike the scenes of a very thought out and complex drama we’ve seen in a theater. )

        The seventies brought us a new example of 10 with Bo Derek in a poster which is still hung on many a wall, 10 is pure perfection indeed!  10 can mean the loudest, the hottest setting on the dial of your stove or the the coldest setting in your freezer.  How would we classify one’s performance during an Olympic event without 10?   The Mayas considered 10 to be the place where life came to an end and a new life emerged. 10 cent coins, when multiplied by 10 will give you a dollar.  Now THIS is where we get to the good part!

Owning many of those dollars would give you the ability to purchase the cigar you see above in the picture but only by finding a collector who is willing to part with them.  Good luck.  They are now very rare and are improving in flavor as every day goes by.

10 will be this cigar’s age when I finally light it up next year,  I have from now until then to pick a date.


Vancouver winning the Stanley Cup?

Maybe Christmas day?

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The Vancouver Cigar Company has produced a straight forward (and more importantly free) e-book called Cohiba 101 (Cohiba 101 Download).  I downloaded it tonight and gave it a bit of a look over and was surprised about two things: #1) It was relatively pitch free (just good information) #2) I learned a couple of things about the Cohiba.  Also it seems that they actually used some of my reviews that I sent them (Bonus!).

This 101 e-book thing would have been great when I first started smoking cigars.

Cohiba Cigar Blog Entry By Shane

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Cohiba Sublime Box

This is pulled from a cuban cigar blog post I found a while back but I think it illustrates how fanatical your average Cohiba lover can become. (Original Post from Vancouver Cigar Cuban Cigar Blog):

“I was sitting in the Vancouver Cigar Company watching a customer pore over the hundreds of Cuban cigars carried. It was a daunting task. He was looking for the perfect smoke for his boss.

The guy on the counter that day had reviewed about 30 cigars with our guest when one of our regular Cigar Club guys Gregg stood up (Gregs a big guy) and asked the customer:

‘Do you want a cigar or a memory? You can buy any of these Cuban cigars here and your boss will have a good smoke. But… how would you like to create a memory? Buy a couple Cohiba Sublimes and enjoy them with him, it will be a meeting he won’t forget.’

And that was it. The guy left with arguably one of the best cigars (or memories as Gregg calls them) available. Always a rich deep oily wrapper these cigars have a deep, full bodied flavor, on the stronger side but absolutely one of the smoothest most flavorful cigars you will ever experience.

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