As The Vancouver Canucks march forward toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs ( fingers crossed ) I’ve been biting my nails during the games and wondering when the game will appear when we can lead a game by more than one goal.  Games have been very very close and at no time do I ever feel as if we can sit back and rest during a period because of the tough opposition we’ve run into in these post season games…..

Tonight was a little different……..  We just won game two in the series against San Jose with a score of 7-3….. Well there ya go, thats more like it..  It was a Cohiba Siglo IV night in front of the television and I was able to get a little more than 2 periods out of the Corona Gorda with a 5.6 inch cigar with a 46 ring gauge…. That was quick, maybe too quick, I tend to smoke slower but I think that tonight’s game had me puffing a bit more furiously than usual…..

These are usually a bit milder and creamier than your more traditional Cohibas but whats funny is that I felt that the strength of this cigar was ramped up a bit more than usual.. Ha…. Serves me right!!!!!  The mild bean flavors were definitely there from time to time and I can recall a bit of a creamy taste, which I love in a cigar, but I must have been on a bit of a smoking rampage….

I think that when I watch playoff hockey I would be wiser to light up something in the Jose L. Piedra price range rather than go towards the Cohiba humidor, but when was the last time a Cuban cigar junky made a smart decision…. Hey, maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself here…… ( I do have a problem though, and am not ashamed to admit it )…..

The Sedin line for Vancouver was on fire tonight and looked to be unbeatable….. If anyone from San Jose is reading this tonight, I have to say I’m very sorry for what happened to your team tonight.  Maybe the best thing for us to do is just to win the next 2 games and make it a four game winning streak so your boys can get back out on to the golf course and forget that nights like this ever happened….

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The Coronas Especiales from Cohiba is slightly small cigar with a 38 ring gauge and a length of 6 inches that sells in Canada these days at around $33.50.  This is a cigar that won’t take up too much of your time, almost an hour of smoking, but if aged can be as exciting as any cigar in the brand with notes of cedar, dark chocolate and strong coffee.

I just let one die a graceful death in the ashtray and I have to admit, as I was smoking this lovely cigar I kept comparing it to other Cohibas that I’ve smoked in the last year.  The Esplendidos has got to be, hands down, one of my favorite cigars of all time but this little aged, maybe 10 years or so, just as complex as the longer and larger ring gauge brother.

The smoothness was the first thing that caught my attention as this cigar burned into the first third and although a very small amount of grassiness appeared, I kept looking at the cigar’s band and wrapper to see if I indeed had an authentic Cohiba.  This cigar was a gift..  Sure enough, the band looked fine as did the wrapper and then the cigar started to build in intensity as it burned into the second third.

Cedar was starting to build into the equation but a very distinct 3 flavors ( chocolate, cedar coffee )kept coming up as the cigar burned down to the nub.  The finish was the only thing to alter and that it was a very clear taste of strong coffee but the coffee became stronger with each puff..

The taste stayed with me for a good hour after setting this cigar down and I’m yet reminded of how a cigar improves with years of aging.

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The Vancouver Cigar Company has produced a straight forward (and more importantly free) e-book called Cohiba 101 (Cohiba 101 Download).  I downloaded it tonight and gave it a bit of a look over and was surprised about two things: #1) It was relatively pitch free (just good information) #2) I learned a couple of things about the Cohiba.  Also it seems that they actually used some of my reviews that I sent them (Bonus!).

This 101 e-book thing would have been great when I first started smoking cigars.

Cohiba Cigar Blog Entry By Shane

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